Thursday, October 18, 2007

Artificial Muscle

Artificial muscles, as shown in the video below to power an artificial leg, could be used as a power drive assist for pedal powered vehicles. This power plant could also be used on robots to walk up stairs, go shopping, etc. And they likely will be able to run at very high speeds, as long as their reservior of compressed air. And the compressed air reservoir can be replenished via electric motors powered by renewable sources, such as solar energy, or via combustion motors powered by biodiesel or straight vegetable oil. Soooo, technically, we could have a vegetarian android in the future eating along side humans and restaurants, using the energy of the food (plant based oil) to give them energy for their day. Just some thoughts to ponder.

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Anonymous said...

The bad thing about pneumatics is that it´s really inefficient. You need like 10 times less energy to provide the same work by electric means.

toma said...

movements looks much more natural that way I think.

Anonymous said...

pneumatic muscle would be impervious to electromagnetic waves.

Where as electric motors can be disabled by electro magnetic waves.

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