Thursday, October 11, 2007

Bike Recycling Art

It would be alot of fun if the California Science Center or other museums or science centers incorporated a similar art program as the one depicted in this video from a Canada science museum. At this museum they are teaching people how to make interesting and useful stuff using bicycle inner tubes, such as various kinds of jewelry.

We may be able to get the local REI in Santa Monica, Santa Monica Public Library, or Sustainable Works to help put something together and host/sponsor it. Also, might be able to coordinate getting used inner tubes from the many bike shops in Santa Monica or through the Freecycle Santa Monica or the Friends of Co-opportunity groups.

I would like your comments and thoughts on this topic. Any other thought on how to make this happen

Video description:

"On Saturday July 7 and Sunday July 8 I lead a workshop at the Ontario Science Centre - teaching kids how they could recycle + upcycle garbage/junk like bicycle inner tubes, computer boards & parts, tape, etc., into beautiful wearable art! It was a blast. Here are some clips I put together from the 2 days.
It was an incredibly rewarding experience!

Thanks to Andy for all of his help!
Ahhh, Igor you were mahhhhvellooos! "


Anonymous said...

there's another Canadian recycling bikes into art

the artist was in Denver and Santa Fe in 2007

good idea nice work

Jenny said...

Yes! its nice to see people do this sort of thing.

Cool bike gallery

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