Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Malcolm Bricklin

Malcolm Bricklin, probably most well known as the creator of one of the most safest cars ever built, called the "Bricklin SV1", is probably one of the most bicyclist friendly car builder's around. Here's why.

First, the "Bricklin SV1" had a plastic and rubber body and bumpers. The "gull wing" doors, instead of going out into traffic, they went, up, instead. Thus, a cyclist sould not run the risk of being "doored". And later, Bricklin was involved with the creation of the EV Warrior, arguably the very FIRST plug in hybrid vehicle ever officially sold at car dealerships. However, that plug in hybrid was actually an electric hybrid bicycle that suplemented the electric motor drive with a little human muscle.

It would be interesting if Mr. Bricklin created a new ebike using the latest technology, such as the efficient brushless electric hub motors and modern batteries.

Below is an interview with Malcolm Bricklin about the SV1 and his current ventures into plug in hybrid vehicle production, "at the right price".

This is a video on the technical features of the Bricklin SV1 (SV stands for "Safe Vehicle)

Note the pneumatic powered gull wing doors and that this vehicle does not have ash tray or cigarette lighter.

This is a trailer for a new documentary on Malcolm Bricklin by his son, titled "The Entrepreneur"

In this clip people are interviewed that saw the documentary "The Entrepreneur"


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