Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Skateboard Critical Mass

Move aside bicyclists, the skateboard riders (skaters) community are starting to organize their own critical mass ride/rolls this summer... In this video clip there are a couple thousand, or so, skaters "taking over the streets" of New York (NYC) on June 21, 2007. Well, maybe there is room for us all. (smile)

Film maker video description:

"On June 21st, thousands of skateboarders took to the streets of NYC. I was in the middle of covering Make Music New York but managed to follow them for a few minutes. Here's the best of what I got."

Recommended Links:
- Santa-Monica/West-L.A./Venice critical mass community forum
- Cycle Santa Monica! community forum
- LA Friday Night Skate (Santa Monica, CA)
- LA Friday Night Skate community forum


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