Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Ebike Awareness

There have been several Ebike (electric assist bicycle) awareness ride/tours over the last year or so. Here is another one that took place from Calgary to Baniff. The mission was to ride 130 kilometers in 3 hours. That is about 47 kilometers an hour for 3 hours, including up hills.

There have been other awareness building rides. Another example was an ebike commuter tour in Australia by "Sustainable Transport". Here is a video they put up on Youtube that illustrates the advantages of riding an electric assist bicycle over a car, whether gas, hybrid or full electric EV. They take up less space, faster parking, and can take advantage of more short cuts which a car can not do.

And I am sure we will continue to see more and more. And we will see new affinity clubs/groups sprout in various places around North America, Canada, and USA, in which ebike enthusiasts will meet, share tips and knowledge with each, and have some fun rides and other fun activities together.

If you know of any past or future ebike tours/rides/clubs, post what you know in the comments so we all can know. Include links if you have them. Thanks.

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