Friday, November 23, 2007

Why Critical Mass?

Why ride in critical mass? Why indeed.
(WARNING! this video is of mature gaphic nature. Showing the remains of a man run over by a truck)

Video description:

in this video you can see blood and flesh splattered down the asphalt of a man that was run over by a truck. In the end you can see the truck had virtually severed him in two, leaving his body mangled with guts, a yellowish red jello like substance, oozing out along the wheel of the truck.

In the video below, another form of critical mass, a celebratory wedding procession idriving down the street. A frustrated motorist, not part of the procession, tries to over take them. And this ends in that car ramming another car with her car. Can you imagine what would happen if the car she hit was a person riding a bicycle? Or maaybe even the car was a mother or father riding a bicycle with two of their kids in a bicycle trailer?

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