Monday, November 12, 2007

1924 Flivver Trike

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In the October 1924 issue of Modern Mechanix, there is an article about a three wheel "automobile" that looks like a three wheeled recumbent bicycle/velomobile. This one is made in Germany and has a small motor which burns very little fuel. I suppose this could also be designed to run on electric hub motors powered by electricity stored in Lithium Magnesium battery packs.

This is what the article says:

Three-Wheeled Auto Makes Speed with Low Fuel Cost - Resembling a tiny model, a three-wheeled automobile design in Germany has a closed top and doors like bigger cars. Although the vehicle does not sonsume much fuel, it is said to attain a speed of ten miles an hour on good roads. Its size enables it to be operated where more cumbersome machines might find difficult traveling. It is claimed that, owing to the small size of the car, the government places not tax on it and permits its use without a driver's licens. - Three-Wheeled "Flivver" That Burns Little Fuel and Can Easily Operate in Crowded Streets.

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