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Council Ponders 'Mass Ride

On November 13, 2007, several dozen bicyclists attended and spoke to the Santa Monica City council, under agenda item "14". That agenda item allows council to hear public comment on things that are not on the agenda (see: 11/13/2007 agenda). The city council can not act on act on any issues presented that are not officially part of the agenda for the meeting. However, they are allows, individually to ask questions of those making comment, are able to direct staff to provide more information on various things spoken of. And the item may later be be included on the council meeting agenda for possible council action.

This is an audio excerpt from the Santa Monica City Council meeting (November 13, 2007). It is 72 minutes long. In includes public comment from 31 people and comments from the city council members, mayor, and city attorney, regarding the Santa Monica Police handling of critical mass bicycle ride participants, such as ticketing for riding more than two abreast, not having head or tail lights, leaving the bike lane to pass a vehicle, running red lights, and other vehicle code or traffic infractions.

LISTEN NOW (Santa Monica City Council meeting 11/13/2007 - excerpt)

(72 Minutes, 16mb, MP3 - DOWNLOAD)

or you can watch a video excerpt of the the critical mass speakers below:

Here are the names of the people that spoke on this issue(in order - not sure of spelling):

  1. Michael.Car
  2. Box.Wexler
  3. Jay.Marvin.Campbell
  4. Jerry.Rubin
  5. Natasha.Vackshori
  6. Ryan.Mallory
  7. Alex.Contrero
  8. Caro.Mendez
  9. Hanako.Moondance
  10. Cadina.Sadilla
  11. Alex.Thomson
  12. Roger.Swanson
  13. Richie.Thomison
  14. Gern.Shobridge
  15. Russel.Buchanan
  16. Susan.Hartley
  17. Michael.Gardial
  18. Jack.Ford
  19. Jackie.Martin.Creole
  20. Mark.Peterson
  21. Kyle.Hurdler
  22. Jennifer.Armstrong
  23. Austin.Draper
  24. David.Feurur
  25. Steven.Burtz
  26. Philip.Wild
  27. Elizabeth.Hunter
  28. Paul.Rongetto
  29. John.Corbin
  30. Gregory.Vogel
  31. Enci
  32. Steven.Vox
  33. Colin.Bogart
  34. Josh.Liekall
  35. David.Bogell

Council members and staff that spoke on this issue:
  1. Richard.Bloom (Mayor/council member)
  2. Marsha Jones Moutrie (City Attorney)
  3. Kevin McKeown (council member)
  4. Ken.Genser (council member)
  5. Bob.Holbrook (council member)
  6. Herb.Katz (Mayor Pro Tempore/council member)
[Santa Monica City Council members directory (includes email addresses contact other info)]

the spelling on some of the names of the speakers is unclear. If you know the correct spelling, you may post the corrections in the comments or email them directly to me.

For more background on this topic see
  1. "Riders Of the Storm - Increased Police action at Critical Mass has bicyclists crying foul"(Nov.9,2007-SMDP-PDF),
  2. "Peace On Wheels - Cops and cyclists try to coexist"Aug.3,2007 ( CSM! or SMDP-PDF)
  3. "Ride Or Die - Locals Reaching 'critical mass' in opposition to popular monthly bike ride"(Feb.2,2007-SMDP-PDF)
  4. "Cyclist Reach A Critical Mass"(Jul.7,2005-SMDP-PDF)
  5. "Santa Monica Bicycle Workshop"(Feb.2, 2005-Ken Edwards Center)(audio-45 minutes)
  6. "Planned nude cycling event foiled by police"(Jun.14,2004-SMDP-PDF)
  7. "Car-Free Venice/Santa-Monica monthly ride/skate"
  8. "Green Wheel'n Peace Feel'n ride/skate - September 7, 2002"(Santa Monica, CA)
If you have more info on this, post in the comments or email direcly to me. Thanks!

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