Sunday, December 16, 2007

Bike Lanes

Last week, the City of Santa Monica painted some new bicycle lanes along Ocean Park Blvd.(Santa Monica, California)(MAP). See Google maps "Street View", what Ocean Park Blvd looked like before the bike lanes were installed.(LINK). Or take a look at the AltCar Expo Rally video to see much of that section of Ocean Park blvd, and what it looked like before the bike lanes were added(video link)

There has not been any reports from the city that I am aware of on this project. It is unclear how far they will be painting these lanes. It appears they are painted as far west on Ocean Park blvd as about 25th street. And they maybe painted as far east as Lincoln, to connect up with the bike lanes west of Lincoln. The bike lanes are so fresh there still is not any bike lane labeling or graphics in the segments seen thus far.

If anyone has more info on this bike lane project or links regarding it on the city's website let me know. Thanks!

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Tara said...

there is also a Petition for more and better bike lanes on Ocean Park Blvd OCEAN PARK BOULEVARD IMPROVEMENT PETITION