Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Electric Eel

This video news story prompts the thought of imagining if humans could generate electricity, kind of like they apparently did in the movie "The Matrix". Perhaps in the future, humans genes will be blended with electric eel genes (the parts that generate electricity) to give humans the ability to generate electricity. Perhaps these will be real "X-Men" of the future.

Or perhaps this bio mechanical technology will be used for robots that to give them a power source, generated from eating food. It may also be used for creating a power source for bionic prosthetic limbs. It may even give humans the ability to generate visiable light. hmmm..

Dec 13 - A new Christmas installation is taking centre stage at a Japanese aquarium involving an electric eel and Christmas tree lights.

The electric eel discharges up to 800 watts of power and every time the creature moves it lights up the Christmas tree.

The eel and the tree has been a crowd puller, with hundreds coming to watch the eel move and the lights twinkle.

Basmah Fahim reports.

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roid said...

oh wow, i never knew the fish could sustain/repeat it's discharges for such prolonged periods as to usefully power anything.

this would have to be more efficient than using muscles to power a dynamo to generate electricity.