Sunday, December 30, 2007

Scuderi Air Hybrid

These video illustrate what and how a Scuderi Air Hybrid engine works. And how it may be applied as a power source for a moving vehicle or an electricity generator. It also clarifies it's ability to be powered by biodiesel, ethynol, and other biofuels(bio-fuel).

Scudari engine promo video

Scuderi engine overview

Interview with Scudari

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Beñat said...

I must be missing something... to compress air is such an unefficient process (more or less 0,2 efficiency!!!!!) that I can´t believe it is being looked at as "alternative fuel". Waste a load of electricity to compress air and then say "hey look my ride runs on air!" It could make sense if the electricity comes from a renewable and vast sources (rare nowadays) The good thing is that pneumatic motors are pretty simple and light but anyway...

Anonymous said...


It *appears* you're under the impression that this design requires pre-compressed air that was compressed by something other than the engine itself.

What it does is compress air in the same way that most engines do, using a compression piston. This compressed air can be stored in a storage tank when less than all of it is required to drive the crankshaft (e.g., when braking, accelerating slowly, etc.). The compressed air is then of course used at a later time to power the crankshaft.

Beñat said...

Oh sorry that was my bad, I barely payed atention to the vids and just thought "ok another bike with a tank or compressed air and a pneumatic motor". Thanks!!

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