Monday, December 17, 2007

Santa Monica Bike Valet

Back in April 2007, CBS news did a video news piece that included coverage of the Santa Monica Farmer's Market bicycle valet (LINK)
(link to Video only)

They also included a bit from the AP and what they had to say on the topic:

Valet Parking Now Offered For Santa Monica Bikes
Apr 25, 2007

Valet parking in Southern California is routine.

But a new kind of service is catering to people who need to park their bikes.

Santa Monica officials are hiring parkers to handle up to 350 bikes at the Sunday market.

Long Beach is offering full service parking for cyclists, including attendants who fill up the tires and repair bikes.

Santa Barbara plans to open a bike center May First, with hot showers and locker rooms where bike-riding commuters can freshen up before work.

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