Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Custom E-Choppers

Step aside Orange County Choppers... Michael "Hollywood" Raines, out in Venice, California, of "the SHOP", is pulling in on his custom electric chopper... slick, powerfull, and burns no gasoline. Only burns rubber!(see video promo for "the SHOP" below)

It is editinh for this promo clip is slightly corny in parts and the bike could use a little styling detail to give it more competetive pizzazz to the bikes coming out of Orange County Choppers, but the concept of "the SHOP" and the electric bike do have alot of potential.

The bike can be spruced up and made to look alot more sexy. Perhaps it can have some chrome or bras finish lightning bolts. Perhaps a Jacob's ladder that can be fired up behind the driver that looks like a seat rest. Or perhaps a tesla coil up front tha looks like a headlight and an eyball, that doubles as a headlight. Probably add something that makes sparks fly out of the rear end, like an exhaust. This is a few ideas to start.

The script probably could be modified a little bit to slloe yhr story to flow more smoothly and maintain the interest of the viewer. But even without modifications, the story is interesting, especially for those into electric vehicles and bikes and has lots of potential as a subject for a TV show.

If anyone has more info on this show, let me know.



wrumbarger said...

Anybody out there have any more info on "The SHOP"?
I would love to see more.

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