Monday, March 12, 2007

Try The Patch...

Are drving Hybrid cars like a smoker trying to curb a smoking addiction by smoking "lite" cigarettes?

The film maker of "Try The Patch" playfully suggests that instead of smoking "hybrid" cigarettes, that people consider trying "the patch"(AKA "Bike" or bicycle) to help end their addiction to smoking cigarettes completely.

Video description

"Try the Patch" uses the metaphor of smoking on an elevator to unveil the truth about transportation pollution. The myth of the "green" car is similar to myth of the "light" cigarette. Both are still toxic. Just as the patch offers a cure to cigarette addiction, the bicycle can end our addiction to cars. Many times more energy efficient during all phases of their life and fueled by willpower bicycles offer promise for a sustaible future. (source )


Chuck said...

Not only are motor vehicles "Toxic" they compete with us for the oxygen in our atmosphere. Where are the oxygen mines? Where are the oxygen wells?
Prior to the industrial revolution the oxygen content of our atmosphere was 33% Today in places it is 18%.

Anonymous said...

Yeah the internal combustion engine is toxic but I would like to know when the last time we had 33% oxygen content in the atmosphere... Millions of years ago, if ever. BTW, I guess that you've never heard of photosynthesis. Maybe you should move out of your 18% oxygen before you make uninformed comments.

Health News said...

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