Thursday, March 01, 2007

Go-One Velomobile

This is a video clip of a Go-One human powered velomobile. A velomobile is basicaly a bicycle with a shell around it to keep the wind, rain, and snow, etc out. It also provides for a way to keep the inside insulated a bit when it is cold. It may also provide for a way to kee less of the dirt and smog off the rider. and perhaps less getting on the skin, eyes, and in the lungs and resperatory tract. air filter can be installed. Also, there is ways to provide air conditioning inside the cockpit of this vehicle, such as by using a small air ionizer and/or filter system. Also a retrofited 12 volt recreational refrigerator can be retrofitted to provide for colling the inside of the cockpit if it is too warm.

This velomobile has an electric assist hub motor in the rear wheel. the battery power supply for the rear hub motor are in a black bag, on a rack above the rear wheel.

BTW, for those interested, there will be a California convention for Velomobiles, called "Left Coast Velomobile Gathering 2007"(AKA LCVG) on March 24-25, 2007. It is a 2-3 day event and is free. You can see pictures from last year's California Velomobile convention. See the Video from the Left Coast Velomobile Gathering 2006.

Video Description:

Pulling into Jones Farm in a Human-Electric Hybrid.
This is an electric-assisted velomobile called the Go-One. I commute in it from SE Portland to Hillsboro (20 miles) on a frequent basis. Zero gas consumption, and just the right amount of exercise!

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