Thursday, March 15, 2007


in an earlier post I wrote about a now television show called "the SHOP". In the promo Michael "Hollywood" Raines shows off his custom electric bike.

If I made a custom electric bike, I might add a Jacobs Ladder behind the rider, that looks like a seat rest. It could be fired up for effect. It would provide day and night time visual effect. And it would also have sound effect that is the sound of high voltage electricity crackling and humming.

I might add some chrome, brass, or gold lightening bolts. Also, I might add a couple well placed signs, with style in mind, that say "WARNING - High Voltage". I might also add a tesla coil in front of the bike near the head light, that is encased in a protective glass or other suitable material, that can be fired up. The inards of the tesla coil might include a special design to go with the theme of the bike. That might also be lightening bolts crossed, the rolls Royce statue, or some other interesting elemet.

Below is an example of what a jacobs ladder does and sound like.

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Michael(HOLLYWOOD)Raines said...

thanks for the write-up I am glad I am getting to peaple, if you want to know more about me and the E-bike go to