Sunday, March 11, 2007

Eco-Planet Cookies

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There is a new company in Santa Monica, called "Eco-Planet Cookies"(a division of Heaven Scent Natural Foods).

They make a line of packaged organic, vegan, kosher, cookies.

The reason I mention them is because there cookies and packaging is all about sustainable transportation. That includes electric vehicles and bicycles.

The cookies do include electric vehicle cookies. It looks like a Toyota Prius with a lightening bolt image on the side panels.

The company is also looking into the possibility of how to make a an organic cookie in the shape of a bicycle or perhaps a person riding a bicycle.

the cookies also come in the shapes of a smiling sun, an earth, and an electricity generating wind turbine.

They are also sponsoring an "Eco-Car Rally" in Malibu California.

The mission of their company is:

The Eco-Planet mission is to produce the highest quality, 100% organic cookies that are delicious, wholesome, and pure, and that will inspire children and their parents to choose ecologically responsible alternatives in transportation, power, and industry. Eco-Planet Organic Cookies donates a portion of proceeds to non-profit organizations that are committed to preserving and protecting our fragile ecosystem.

These cookies are reportedly available at Whole Foods. And they may be available at Co-opportunity in Santa Monica. And if not, I believe they can be ordered through either store.

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