Monday, December 18, 2006

Arnold The Queen

Arnold, the Governor of California, is not a queen... well, he is not a queen in public... Well, I mean, it is not discussed in public that he is a queen... Well, I mean, he has not admitted, in public, to being a queen. Well... Uh, I mean... darn... He is the governor of California. And that is kind of like being the Queen of California, so to speak, isn't it?

No offence intended to the position of the Queen of England or the Governor of California.

Anyways, the reason I bring this subject up is because I saw a YouTube video that had a pretend queen of England in it (see video below) that gave me an idea.

In that YouTube video, there are children and a pretend reporter, play acting, as if they have spotted the Queen of England driving up in her electric car.

She stops and says hello to her subjects, the children and the reporter, and obliges to a short impromptu interview with the reporter. The kids are thrilled by the presence of the queen, and having a lot of fun with this make believe event.

The queen begs their forgiveness of having to run off quickly. She must go to the grocery store to do some shopping, waves, smiles and says good bye to the children and the reporter.

And I thought it might be fun to do California variation of that scenario.

The California variation would be set in Santa Monica, and someone would impersonate Governor Arnold. He would be wearing a white bicycle helmet with the California flag emblem on the sides, and his trademark Terminator glasses. He would have some of his staff with him, also wearing bicycle helmets and sunglasses.

They would be briskly walking towards their electric bicycles and electric scooters parked adjacent to the 3rd Street Promenade, which are parked and plugged in, charging, at the ebike charging station (See: e-bike/e-scooter public charging station - Florence, Italy). The have just comleted some shopping for a for a special gift for President Bush whom is awaiting them for a meeting in Century City later that day.

The reporter and childreen would excitedly run up to the Governor to say hello, as the goveror and his staff are unplugging their bicycles and scooters. .

As the governor and his staff are unplugging thier bikes, the pretend reporter asks the governor what brings him to the promenade.

Arnold graciously speaks to the reporter, as the children are bubbling with excitement.

Arnold speaks of the wonders of electric bicycles and how e-bikes have helped him, and his staff, serve the people of California. He believes that e-bikes and public charging stations for them are, like the one in Santa Monica, help California become energy independent, stimulate the economy, ease traffic congestion, air and sound pollution.

He speaks about how e-bikes provide opportunities for all people to incorporate more physical fitness into their daily lives, and have a higher quality of life.

He encourages the children to take bicycle and e-bike safety ED. He reminds the reporter that he signed the bill that would require, and fund, California public schools to offer bicycle safety and traffic edution in the public schools

He thanks the reporter and the children for saying hello.

He could apologize for having to run so quickly, as he is on a tight schedule, and is on his way to a special meeting with president Bush in Century City. They will be discussing how Bush will provide funding to California, to provide capital for companies to develop, and distribute, sustainable, environmentally friendly souces of of energy. And that California is now 50 percent energy independent, and has a goal of between 80-90 percent energy independent by 2011.

If you have any ideas on a scenario, or other political figures, for a mock event, please send them to me or post them in the comments. Thanks!

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Suede said...

wonderful idea! charging stations for ebikes would add security ebike parking as well. :-)