Monday, December 25, 2006

Ferro Fluid

One day we may be using Ferro fluid for generating electricity and/or for electric motors.

There are three videos I would like to bring to your attention on this substance.

The first two show and describe the substance. The other is a kind of artpiece, showing the ability of magnetic energy being used to create fluidic sculpture that can be morphed into various shapes.

I think this "Ferro Fluid" (see videos below) may one day have an
application in the generation of electricity, electro-magnetic motors, and
other applications on e-bikes, and other vehicles. It may also be used for
other human prosthetics, such as limb replacements.

It occurs to me how much this stuff reminds me of the shape shifting robot
in Terminator 2, Judgment Day.. Eeek.

It is believed that the earth's core has a similar magnetic liquid substance in it which is what generates earth's magnetic fields as the earth perpetually spins in the vacuum of space.

It is also believed that the poles for the earth's magnetic fields have been getting weaker over the last 50-100 years. Some other's believe that this weakening of the earth's magnetic fields is a prelude to a magnetic pole shift which is underway. Others believe that the oil which we have been sucking out of the ground has some impact on the earth's magnetic fields, and other processes which are still unclear.


peekay said...

there are clear descriptions of generation of electric current by using magnetic iron ore (lodestone) in a mixture of mica, mercury, snake slough to power vehicles which fly, drive on ground/water and also underwater .. this could be the beginning of experimenting with liquid/fluid magnetic material to find out about generating electricity and later generating motion by feeding in electricity into a device based on this liquid/fluid magnetic substance

peekay said...

"reminds me of the shape shifting robot in Terminator 2, Judgment Day.. Eeek."

that movie is a figment of imagination .. magnetic fluid is ground reality !

Jerry said...

What also makes this subject interesting is if you combine Ferro Fluid with Nano technology. You now can, theorectically, beging to change liquid into solid... And this solid can be as hard as a diamond.

That would be very much like the sci fi movie robot which can shape shift from solid to liquid, apparently at will. And the solid has the stregth of a diamond.

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