Thursday, December 07, 2006

Bike Cargo

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The other day, spotted a Vespa with an amazing set of cargo racks. (see pictures to the right). They fold up when not in use. Shawn(not sure of spelling) says they are very strong and can carry heavy loads. You can strap a milk crat on them easy.

According to American Scooter Center, the kit on Shawn's scooter is like the "LX150 Touring Kit" (see picture to the right, below). They weigh about 25 pounds and cost about $700 through the American Scooter Center.

These heavy duty folding racks would be a boom for carrying cargo by human powered bicycles as well. It would especially be nice to have side mounted folding, haavy duty racks for bicycles.

If you come across any, please send the info to me so I can share it with everyone else I know. Thanks.

Also, check back later today for a post about another vehicle show happenning in the Los Angeles area.. Perhaps you thought there were only two this weekend... The Los Angeles Auto Show and the Santa Monica AltCar Expo? WRONG. There is also the Cycle World International Motorcycle Show is also happenning this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. However, there is still ways to see all three, if you have a mind to. And I will be posting tips and info on how to get plan and get to all three (using public transit) and some highlights about the shows, with specific focus and spotlight on their more environmentally friendly and earth friendly vehicles, or vehicles that give people more options in what they may choose for their transportation needs. For now, check out the Cycle World show details page . I will also post transportation options people may find useful to get to all three shows. And how to save money doing it. And if you have more info about any of the shows or other info about the subjects I mentioned here, please feel free to send to me or post in the comments sections so all of us may know the info. Thanks.

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Anonymous said...

I had a rack like that on an old vespa - very useful. You could probably track them down through motorcycle wreckers.