Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Pikes Peak Climb

Video Description:

Optibike Conguers Pikes Peak!
(approximately 14,000 feet above sea leval).
On September 30, 2005, Craig Weakley rode the Optibie 400 to the top of Pikes Peak (The highest road in the USA)
The Optibike climbed 7,200 feet in 19 miles. The average grade of the Pikes Peak highway is 17%. The maximum grade is 55%.
With the motorized bottom bracket, the efficiency of the Optibike is the same climbing a 30% as on a flat road
Climbing at 12 miles per hour, the pace van was averaging 4 MPG. The Optibike was achieving the equivalent of 800 miles per gallon.
The low center of gravity of the sleek aluminum monocoque fram gives the Optibike stable handling.
After climbing 7000 feet over a 19 mile course in 1 hour and 30 minutes, the Optibike still had 1 hour and 40 minute of runtime left (using the auxiliary toury battery pack)
The Optibike 400

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