Thursday, December 07, 2006

Wow Velomobiles

(click on images to enlarge.)

Here are some choice velomobile video Clips, including the WAW (pronounce wow), the "Go-One" and others.

BTW, any of these can be easily fitted with an electric power assist hub motor on their rear, or front wheels. And with that, they continue to have all the functionality as a human powered vehicle. And with the electric motor assist they can be used to travel further and at higher speeds than a person can do by human power alone. They could essentially be described as a human/electric powered hybrid vehicle, which can powered by either power source alone or the two combined.

BTW, the local dealer for WAW velomobiles is Bent Up Cycles in Van Nuys CA.

Hey, let's start a velomobile club in Santa Monica area. And we could do Velomobile tours all over the place, even if it is raining or cold out. That would be fun!

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