Saturday, December 16, 2006

Twilight Zone

Rod Serling is a genius story teller. See the video below, an episode of the Twilight Zone, A story about a man, Oliver Pope, who hits a boy on a bicycle, and what takes place afterwords. First aired January 3, 1964. 30 minutes long.

Anyone who has ever been hit by a car or knows someone who has been hit be a car, may really appreciate warning to people who hit-and-run people riding bicycles. This video is deap... on so many levels. Pure Genius!

Rod Serling, actor and creator of the Twighlight Zone series, says:

"All persons attempting to conceal criminal acts concerning thier cars are hereby warned. Check first to see that underneath that chrome lies a concious, especially if you driving along a rainstorm in the twilight zone.."

According to some references, Rod Serling is listed in the writing credits, with writer Earl Hamner Jr. (reference)

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