Tuesday, December 05, 2006

McDonald's Bikes?

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A report is circulating that McDonald's is attempting to encourage kids to bicycle.

McDonald's Corp has unveiling a plan of installing what they are calling the "R Gym PlaySpace". These mini gyms for kids will have, among other things, stationary bikes (apparently kid-safe, see picture on the right) (also, check out the Video report from OC Register) that are hooked up to big video screens in front of them. Apparently the kids literally pedal their way on a virtual bicycle ride, via the big screen computer synched environment.

Hmmmm, I wonder what will be on the screen. Perhaps it could be a virtual bicycle safety training film? Or perhaps, the kids can go out on a little bike ride with their buds, "critical mass" style? Will we see skaters and pedestrians on this virtual, McDonald's "corp" sponsored bicycle ride.

In any case, it look like it could be fun to check one of these playspace bikes out.

I wonder if this new push for marketing "healthy foods" and "active" "fitness" minded lifestyles is somehow connected with the latest recent success in revealing what is behind the veil of the "fast food" industry, in the film "Fast Food Nation". BTW, it is still screening in Santa Monica (location and showtimes for Santa Monica LINK see trailer for the film below)

I wonder if the adult "kids" will be allowed to take a little spin on these calorie burning ped machines while taking bites out of their "Mc Salads"and washing them down with some "Mc OJ". (wink)(smile)

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