Friday, December 01, 2006

Motorino Close-Up

The owner of this Motorino electric bicycle has done an interesting thing.

To help convey the message that this bike is an electric bicycle or a bicycle, by law, they attached a sign on the rear, in the position that a license plate might be seen on a scooter or moped, which just says "BICYCLE" in the approximate dimensions of a license plate.

I thought that was a nice way to convey to law enforcement or any others who may be confused by the appearance of this bicycle looking like a motor scooter or a vespa.

And if there is need for further clarification, I suppose the person could show the working pedals and no motor, at least no "gas" motor.

Clooseup look at the Motorino:

Taking a ride on the Motorino:

Part 2 of taking a ride on a Motorino (model XPE)

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Anonymous said...

See the last page for the no gas sign