Friday, December 15, 2006


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Since putting the video of the AltCar Expo Rally Caravan, there have been about 300 views of it in the last couple days.

I have another video, an up and close video of "Moonbeam", the micro car which was made from the chassis of a Honda elite 150 motor scooter. I got a chance to test drive it. Wow! What a ride!
And Moonbeam, the micro car that gets over 100 miles per gallon and can go 50 miles per hour, could be retrofitted to run on ethanol, a biofuel. And a small trailer can be hooked up to moonbeam, to make her into a work horse as well. I think it would be kind of fun to hook of a bicycle rack to her roof, with a couple bicycles hitched up, for a picture of her carrying two bicycles. (smile)

And if you want to make a Moonbeam of your own, the designer has put up the plans on how to build one.

Interestingly, the design plans are copyrighted under a "Creative Commons" copyright, meaning people are free to copy them and use them. And people can even add to and modify them under this copyright. In a sense, you might call the Moonbean an "Open Source" car or the People's car. I think all that Jory wants is that you refer back to the original creative commons copyright and abide by the same conditions of copyright of the additions as free to the people to copy and use. It's even ok to make money by the use of the design. Jory wants to make sure that this never gets locked up this idea by any entity, and that it remains available to everyone. You can read the specifics and find links to more info on Creative Commons copyrights at the Moonbeam website

If you have come up with some cool modification ideas for the Moonbeam, please send them to me or post the info in the comments, so we can all know about them.

I will post more videos of moonbeam soon.

In the meantime, you may enjoy watching a news video report on Moonbeam below:

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