Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Diebold and Cyclists?

This video demonstrates how the Diebold AcuVote-TS can easily be hacked without leaving a trace. It was produced by the people that conducted a study on security issues of this machine, at Princeton University.

You may be wondering what this has to do with bicycling. And it is not directly relative to cycling. However, having this information is empowering to cyclists, skaters, and pedestrians in recognizing this issue and its relativeness to getting accurate representation when voting on people or issues effecting cyclists, skaters, and pedestrians.

Please feel free to comment on this or any other topic on the blog. It is how we all learn, by sharing information with eachother, and empowering us all.

Thank you. (smile)

An alternative to paying several hundred million dollars to a company, Diebold, may be to consider using the Aussie model of an open source e-voting method, which can provide open scrutiny of its stregths and weaknesses for far less money, and perhaps providing a better method of oversight of the security of the system, by the people. see Wired Magazine article "Aussies Do It Right: E-Voting", in which they discuss how they did it and how much it cost ($75,000).

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