Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Kill-A-Watt Review

Kill-A-Watt User Review

Kill-A-Watt is a meter that is plugged int a AC electracal outlet. And it has ability to mearer the wattage being used at any moment. Additionally, it can mearsure watts per hour average and total watts used over a period of time. And some models even have capacity for user to enter the cost per kilawatt (KW) to give the user that same information in total cost. I

It is like a speedometor and odometer for an AC devices. And you by being able to shift from watts to cost of Kilawatts. That is kind of like an odometer that can give you your miles-per-hour or kilometers-per-hour.

A nice device to have for people auditing thier electricity use.

And, BTW, there is a kind of lending library of sorts in Torrance, that has several of these that can be checked out like books at a public library.

It would very nice if the Santa Monica Public library had some of these that could be checked out like a book, CD, DVC, game, or magazine.

Video Description:

Kill-A-Watt can be used to measure how much power a device uses (how much money it costs to run) and several other stats

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