Friday, September 08, 2006

Batman on Ebikes 3

In the last episode, Batman and Robin were discussing the start of a plan on how to help the mayor of the Metropolis Santa Monica with city's ebike shortage and the looming threat of Catwoman's implementation of the free ebikes for the people of Santa Cruz.

Batman returned to to the Bat Cave after riding in the Santa Monica Critical Mass and finds Robin continuing his research on the Bat Computer.(see prior episode)


Robin, how is the research coming along.
It's been good Batman. I have alot of new information.
To start, there is a fairly new store in Santa Monica called Trans-Port-Station. It's run by a guy named John. He has been trying to get people to "think outside the car" and to consider riding electric bicycles.
also, got special message from the National Security Agency through our encrypted Top Secret communication port, that, in fact, Cat Woman was spotted in Europe, talking to the sceintists at the EuroBike event. A day later, she vanished and so did the one of a kind experimental Jet bike on display. This jet bike has the capacticity to ridden like a conventional bike. And with the flip of a swith, it's twin turbo jet packs fire up, burning biodiesel. And within a few seconds the bike is flying down the road at over 100 miles per hour. Also, with the flip of another switch, it's folding wings unfold and it can take flight like an airplane.
What did you find out at the Santa Monica Critical Mass ride?.
It went well. Didn't see any ebikes there. But some people said that there have been ebikers attending in previous 'mass rides.
Also, learned that there will be a Midnight Ridazz ride, they call the "Swarm The Pier" ride. They plan to arrive at the Santa Monica Pier this Friday(September 8th) at midnight. They are starting the ride at various meeting spots around Los Angeles. Also, on Friday there is going to be a Free community screening of "Power of Community - How Cuba Survived the Oil Crisis" at Cafe Bolivar at 7pm. These two events may be worth attending to continue our investigation.
We'll have to monitor the situation with the disappearing Jet bike. We don't want that bike falling into the wrong hands.

Right Batman. That's great news Cuba screening. Cuba seems to be a hotbed for Power-Assist bicycles. And we may learn some valuable information by attending. Do you want me to attend that too?
Yes, and I want you to check out the Midnight Ridazz ride. Keep an eye out for Catwoman.
Some of the people attending the critical mass ride said that the theme for this Midnight Ridazz is going to be anything insect related to go along with the idea of "swarming".
Great. I got a great bee costume from Halloween last year that should be perfect for the ride. And by going in costume we can hide our true identities as Batman and Robin.
What will you dress as Batman?
Not sure yet. But I'll think of something.
We have to be at Cafe Bolivar by 7p. We'll take our bikes so as to fit in with the crowd. And then we will have be be at the Culver City meeting point for the "Swarm the Pier Ride" by 10-10:30
, in a Trader Joe's parking lot to join the swarm as they ride by.
Batman, do you think Catwoman will be on the ride? If she is, there could be trouble.
I know.
(To be Continued...)

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