Friday, August 04, 2006

Cuba Beyond Oil


WHEN: Friday, September 8, 2006, 7:00 PM
WHERE: Cafe Bolivar
(Santa Monica, CA)
corner of 18th Street and Ocean Park Blvd

Below is a story about another film about the Cuban transporation scene, and how they manage, with limited oil imports.

The goal of this film is to give hope to the developed world as it wakes up to the consequences of being hooked on oil, and to lift Americans' prejudice towards Cuba by showing the Cuban people as they are. It will be screened on at Cafe Bolivar on Ocean Park Blvd. at 18th St, Santa Monica. So mark your calendar for an upbeat film!

to get another documentarian's view of Cuba, watch "Jeremy Clarksons MotorWorld - Cuba" online(23 minutes) as a primer(video below).

Note: Check out the variety of homebrew power assist bicycles roaming the streets, using chainsaw motors, fumigator pumps, etc.. (some pictures from the video on the right. click on pictures to enlarge.)

See the video below.

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Anonymous said...

you sit there waiting for the slow as all getout movie download, and to fill in time, you click on one of the picture enlargements and lose the lot. Piss off and come back when you can download the vid in full and then view it properly.

Anonymous said...

Your connection must be slow.

And if you are trying to view the pictures while watching the film, and want to continue watching the film, right click over the picture and open page in new browser window.

The video is excellent. I recommend you try again when you can find a faster connection.

Also keep in mind that the video is hosted by google video. You can see the button on the play window with the link to google.

Its a very good video. Check it out.

weez said...

Thanks for the video link!

I've read some other stories recently about ancient American cars in Cuba powered by diesel engines 'liberated' from 5 tonne Russian military trucks.

We have it slightly better in Australia, except for the $A1.50/litre ($US4.15/US gallon) petrol.

Meet my answer to absurd fuel prices; a 2.5HP Honda G100 powered (ex-concrete screed) long wheelbase recumbent built from discarded bicycle and exercise machine parts. :)

Does 100km/litre (~235mpg) at up to 70km/h. Fuel economy can be greatly extended by an extra sandwich at lunchtime. :D

Anonymous said...

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