Thursday, August 03, 2006

ebikes make sense

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In Venacouver, ebikes (AKA Electric bicycles) have been growing in popularity.

The logo on the right of the stick figure flying up a hill on an electric bicycle is from and their saying is "Thinking outside the Four-Wheeled Box"

In addition to electric bicycles, electric scooters, Segways (and their knock-off cousins), trikes, and many other types of light weight electric vehicles are becoming more popular and finding a growing supportive community in the Vancouver area.

Clubs like the Electric Bike (eBike) club out of University of British Columbia, VEVA (Vancouver Electric Vehicle Association), radio shows, Environmental week, Sustainability Day, etc, support the community of folks that have an interest in these things.

Pictures to the right are from some events with a Lite Electric Vehicle presense.

It would be great to have such events here in Santa Monica California. And to that end, there are beginning to be many events happenning impromptu. For example, google sponsored an alternative fuel expo at Santa Monica library (I will post some pictures later), Fran Pavley hosted an Alternative energy hearing at Santa Monica College (which had an expo of many electric vehicles, including the very rare presense of the Ultra Narrow vehicle "Tango". And the City of Santa Monica is in the planning stages to host the first of its kind, a kind of shadow Los Angeles Auto show, which will debut and exibit, exclusively, alternative and sustainable fueled vehicles and technologies. Latest word on that is it is going to be happenning in September 2006 at the Santa Monica pier.

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