Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Electric Cycle Consortium

There is another local ebike forum in Los Angeles, it is "
electricbike · Electric Cycle Consortium"

Welcome to the Electric Cylce Consortium! This is an eGroup dedicated to the proliferation of electric cycling culture and other forms of electric transportation. The group intends to focus primarily on electric bicycle commuting and recreation in the global city, custom e-bikes, future "cycles," interviews with industry professionals and much more.

In addition to that group there are a couple national groups, one deals with power-assist vehicles, including electric and gas. It is by far one of the largest groups. And there is a kind of sister group which focuses primarily on E-Motor-Assist vehicles. In both cases, they tend to focus on Light Electric Vehicles, such as bikes, trikes, and velomobiles.

Additionally, Google Groups has a specialty TidalForce users group.

And many people use VforVolt, with a web based, as opposed to email option, discussion forum format.

If you happen to know any others, please post them in the comments. Include the link if possible. Thanks.

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