Friday, September 08, 2006

LEDs for Cyclists...

This LumiLive cloth, which has super thin LEDs (light emitting diodes) embedded in it, could be a boom for bicyclists, skaters, and pedestrians.

Can you imagine, bike helmets covers could have this LED arrays in them. And they can be creating a light pattern such as blinking. Additionally, they could have switching which can be activated by pressing the bicycle breaks. Or it may be automatically activated based on speed reduction, with the "Slowing" or when the reduction in speed passes a set threshhold, it could say "Stopping". Or perhaps, It can tansition from green, to yellow, to red as speed drops, to signal drivers behind the cyclist of the rate of speed reduction. And with the colors being similar to crosswalk signal patterns, it would be familiar.

And by using speed reduction as the mechanism to create the light pattern, merely wearing the shirt or helmet cover, with an speedometer on bike, would be all that is needed.

LEDs virtually never burnout and they use very little electricity which is great for cycling use.

Check out the video with these LEDs in action.

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