Thursday, September 28, 2006

Dutch Message

A message from Cyclists and friends in Holland. (video below)

Video Description:
"Documentary about the use of bicycles in cities such as Copenhagen (Denmark), Amsterdam and Houten (Netherlands), and Bogotá (Colombia) Key word tags: cycling commute bike bicycle democratization transport car health pollution copenhagen amsterdam bogotá mobility

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Chris CB said...

What a powerful inspiring example of people taking seriously the potential of engineering our way out of the car-oil mess! This fills me with hope, and motivates me to work harder to achieve more of the great work that has produced such high levels of cycling in Holland, Denmark, and other areas. The League of American Bicyclists is fighting hard for more bicycling in the US, at While we're working on improving our roads and infrastructure, a bicycling road class can greatly reduce the chance of accidents. Check w/ local bike shops, or the Bike League. Thank you for this great video!
Chris Covert-Bowlds, MD
Washington state

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