Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Parabounce Flying Bicycle

This video is in Persian language(see description below)

Video Description:

Royal Iran Lighter than Air presents Winds of change, the future of democracy in Iran by Prince Reza Pahlavi, Ferdowsi and friends, the ... all » Family, Stephen Meadows’ Prop Bike or Parabounce Flying Bicycle, the Airship-Association, Hans Gochermann's flexible high yield solar panels, Nader Khalili’s earthquake proof roof at Cal-Earth in Hesperia, California, Igor Pasternak and his Lighter than Air dream that brought him from Russia to the US, the land of equal opportunities and Siavash Ghomayshi’s Asal banou song from his LTA CD, published by Caltex records. The interior design of the SkyYacht is by Roger Munk. Thanks to the VOA and all LTA pioneers.

With the hope that humanity recognises these clean-minded pioneers, we thank you for watching this video.

Fresh Air is a necessity and a priority for fulfilling a sound journey on Earth. Visit the Airship Association and upgrade your knowledge on Lighter than Air technologies, so we can have a better health of the Earth Eco-system.

In Iran we like to process our gas into hydrogen and helium, we want to process our oil into caouchouc for SolKav heating systems. Officials of China and Russia, please recognise our program. We will appreciate your recognition and co-operation in advance.

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