Monday, September 04, 2006

Ebike Race...

This is video of an electric bicycle race conducted at the bicycle track in San Francisco July 18, 2006. Three ebikes went head to head. Two tidal force bikes and a 72 volt ebike with a front hub motor.

There is some interviews with the bikers about the race and their bikes in the beginning. That includes some discussion of whether to solder or not, Anderson connectors, and the differences and benefits of front or rear wheel hub motor placements. At the end of the video there is some comments about the race, with exact info about each bikes performance, including total miles covered, average speed and maximum speed. 72 volt bike appears to have outperformed the tidal force bikes by 10 or more miles per hour average speed.

It appears Devon's 72 volt front hub motor was the top performer. However, the Tidal force may be able to endure for longer distances or a longer time at the slower speeds.

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