Friday, September 01, 2006

Batman on Ebikes 2

(picture to the right from the Santa Monica Critical Mass Ride. click on image to enlarge.)

Batman and Robin continue to discuss what they will do after getting the urgent message from the Mayor of Santa Monica on the Batphone.(see prior episode)


Robin, I want you to use the Batcomputer, and find whatever you can on ebikes, and ebikes and Santa Cruz, and Santa Monica.
I'm on it Batman. I can also check for any electric bicycle shops in Santa Monica.
While you are doing that I am going to visit the Santa Monica Critical Mass this evening and see if there are any people riding ebikes, what kind, how many, and perhaps find opportunities to talk to these people.
Good Idea.
You might want to take the Batbike. It's charged up, and ready to roll.
We added special bullet and spike proof tires with super grip tread that are impervious to oil slicks. We also have the bike's batcomputer hooked up city's computer network, installed a new digital video display, and now has a direct video feed from the Santa Monica Pier Web Cam.

Good idea...Thanks!
Robin, use the Batcomputer to point the web cam at the Santa Monica Critical Mass.
I will be going in plain clothes, as to not raise any suspicion about what I am doing.
We need to better understand what the current situation is with ebikes in these two cities and adjacent areas, why these people ride them, where they are getting them, and what needs to happen in Santa Monica, so we can help the Mayor.
The "massers" are meeting between 6 and 6:30pm and roll sometime between 6:30-7pm from the Santa Monica Pier.
Right, Batman...

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