Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Electric Diesel Hybrid

“Holy Smoke Batman.. It’s The Crusher, a six wheeled, un-manned, electric, Turbo diesel, hybrid vehicle, capable of going long distances, silently, at high speeds, over harsh terrain, using its high performance in wheel electric hub motors, on each of its six wheels. Capable of recharging it's high tech lithium ion batteries, on the fly, using its on board turbo diesel engine, running on biodiesel, that new fangled plant base fuel.. What are we going to do Batmen?!?”

Video Description:

Crusher has a new space frame hull designed by CTC Technologies and made from high-strength aluminum tubes and titanium nodes. A suspended ... all » and shock-mounted skid plate made from high-strength steel allows Crusher to shrug off massive, below-hull strikes from boulders and tree stumps. The nose was completely redesigned for Crusher to sustain normal impacts with trees and brush while also absorbing the impact of major collisions.

Suspensions designed by Timoney support 30 in. of travel with selectable stiffness and reconfigurable ride height. Crusher can comfortably carry over 8000 lbs. of payload and armor. Crusher's hybrid electric system allows the vehicle to move silently on one battery charge over miles of extreme terrain. A 60kW turbo diesel engine maintains charge on the high-performance SAFT-built lithium ion battery module. Engine and batteries work intelligently to deliver power to Crusher's 6-wheel motor-in-hub drive system built around UQM traction motors.


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