Friday, August 18, 2006

Noise Pollution2

These two videos address issues of noise pollution. In particular they illustrate the noise pollution generated from cars and motorcycles which can be big noise polluters.

Electric cars, motorcycles, scooters, bicycles can be virtually silent in operation. However, the heavier the vehicle gets, there is still incidental increased noise pollution generated from the rolling resistance of its wheels and its weight motioning up and down, as it moves.

A noise polluter of most vehicles, presumably a defacto by law, is the car horn.

I agure that, perhaps, the law should be ammended, so that car drivers may have an alternative option to the blaring horn. Perhaps that alternative option could be a ringing bell, which can be set at a frequency which generates attention without induces a jolt to the human system.

Perhaps also, cars can have this alternate bell ring system, which has some user control to adjust its rythem of ringing, as to give distinguishing identity from other cars. Where as, car horns, in addition to be jolting to the system and often producing unnecesary noise pollution, are bland, and often all alike.

The Video is a collage of old film footage, with a background of some modern day noise pollution. It's titled "A Better Way Of Life". Presumably, this video is trying to raise awareness and counciousness to the issue of "Noise Pollution".

Hereis another video on "Noise Pollution"

Noise Pollution PSA

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