Friday, August 18, 2006


Noise can have harmful effects on human health. It can cause hearing loss, and even permanent deafness. It can cause emotional and hormonal disorders in the body. It can decrease quality of life, in a sense, just as air pollution (smog) does to the air we breath, or pollution of the water pollution does to the water we drink, bath, or play in.

And it appears in all three of these categories of pollution, cars, trucks, and buses seem to be one of the heaviest polluters in our cities.

Yesturday, Bart Kosko, a professor at University of Southern California (USC), here in Los Angeles, released his newest book title "NOISE", which delving into the health damaging effects of "noise", where it is coming from, and what we can do about it to protect ourselves, among other things. It is available at

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