Thursday, August 17, 2006

Tandem Bike Solar Lamp

I came across a kind of interesting lamp, with a bicycling theme. It has a which can be powered by either plugging into an ordinary outlet or by directing a solar panel, connected by electric wire to the sun from a nearby window.

That is the interpretation I got from the description.

Additionally, that same solar panel can provide power to operate an electric motor which makes the mechanical sculpture of two cyclists on a tandem bike appear to pedal their tandem bike continuously, is a slow, steady pace.

I suppose some of us cyclists could modify that tandem into a tall bike, or do other kind of creative things to them.

I presume the bulb for the lamp is a set of high efficiency LEDs, however the website description does not make that clear.

If you happen to have more details about that, let me know. Thanks.

It's available through Edmund Scientific's website for $39.95 each

Here is what their website description says:

Tandem Bike Solar Lamp
Decorative, Whimsical and Useful

A unique decorative lamp that provides soft, indirect lighting, plus a whimsical, animated wire sculpture of a Tandem Bike. The bike is powered by directing a swiveling solar panel towards a sunny window or the lamp's bulb.

Simply plug the lamp in for continuous light and movement in dark or low light areas. Rotate the solar panel towards the sun for solar power.

The Motion Sculpture Lamp makes a unique conversation piece and will call attention to itself wherever it's placed. It's very peaceful to watch the cyclists pedal along at their steady, slow, and constant pace. A wonderful gift idea!

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