Monday, August 07, 2006

RevoPower Wheel

I recently came upon some new technology, the RevoPower wheel.

Well, it is a new product, which applies a variation of existing technology, old technology.

In this case, "RevoPower" has created a bicycle wheel in which the have placed a motor and gear assembly inside of the wheel.

They claim it gets over 200 miles per gallon. It uses a 2 stroke engine. It can be installed on virtually any existing bicycle by replacing the front wheel. The fuel tank is in the shape of a bicycle water bottle and can be mounted where water bottles go.

Apparently it motor turns on by itself, or it has some kind of switch mechanism that kicks the engine on to "power assist" the cyclist's pedalling

Check out the pictures, video, and other info at their RevoPower website.

On the website, it says the wheel motor kit will be available for sale in early 2007 for $399 each. They have a form in which people can reserve one, with a $50 deposit.

If anyone has more info about these wheels or similar products please post comments or email me.

If you liked this info, you may enjoy watching the video about Cuba beyond Oil, in which there Are a few scenes of the Cuban home made power assist bicycles. They remind me of the twisted post apocalyptic world of "Mad Max".


Pete Siegel, Riverside,ca said...

I've been waiting forever for this product. I already own an electric bicycle but would like to see a gas powered like this one put on the market. Wonder if oil companies are stopping this production through legal strategies. Still, It would be nice for the Revopower to furnish a company statement as to when production will be availiable for the consumer. 2008 is almost over. The company stated the product would be released mid 2008. If production is not being met this year, the consumer should by notified via press release by the companies customer service department. Afterall, that's good ethical business practice. Still Waiting.

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